Today, and life .

Life: 95%
Love: 0%
Money: 50%
Happiness: 53.5%

Hello :)
today was fun I guess, although, it was VERY wet and cold
well that's what I get for living in Canada right? haha
but honestly, one of my BEST boxing days ever even though I didn't buy anything =D
geeze, all of you got nice things except for me.. Jordan 1's... hyper dunks.. all I got was sushi. ( I like what I bought)
What ever though, I would trade Jordan 1's, hyper dunks, and even sushi just to have another great time with you guys ( shout out to Matt, Brando, Tala, Cassandra and Jon love you guys haha).

The highlight for my day today though is when we got off the sky train and all those Canucks fans went onto the Skytrain and Brando... your priceless, he got off the skytrain and knocked on the window when it was leaving, and he gave the finger to all those Canucks fans and there expressions were priceless, and your piceless Brando haha.

oh my gosh. I played in the snow, in my shorts! in The Lynn Valley.. knee deep snow.. haha
I played so much that my legs were actually burning from the cold :S, I dont know but that seems pretty bad to me.
after that we went into the house and played a little Playstation 2, old school<3 haha, phoned home, got killed by my Parents, walked down a HUGE hill, hopped on a bus, seabussed home, skytrained home, waited for bus, half an hour late, got picked up by Tita Amy :P ( courtesy of Jon), hopped down from the car, leaped over hurdles of snow, got home, created a blogspot, and now im writing this... what more can I ask for?

Again.. Best Christmas Ever.

Not all is good though, I felt bad for the past few days cause of "her" , felt like I was pushed aside, I put all my effort into her, and it seems like she doesent care at all, but I cant blame her, Im nothing special, I have nothing to offer but my unconditional love, but I guess in the end, nice guy loses right?

Oh well, someday .

Best wishes, Merry Christmas and happy new year

- tomtom.