i'll take you beyond love .

Sometimes its hard for me to tell you exactly what is going on in my mind,
a faraway look staring into space, you would say.
a knit brow, a balled fist, a changed tone; you always notice
and I love that about you, how you always seem to know
when something isnt quite where it should be...

but its so hard for me to tell you what is on my mind
in my eyes, your so perfect, you dont do things wrong
the way i do....
you dont worry about stupid, inconsequential things
the way i do
-I dont want to make you think of me differently because of my many

But sometimes
Its hard for me To tell you What is on my mind
Because I dont want You to think
All I do is complain

Because I dont want To look like
All I want is attention

Because if your in A good mood
I wouldnt want To ruin it for you

Because you make me so happy
All of my problems Seem dimmer, smaller
When Im with you

Because there is a wall
Built sturdily around my heart
Constructed slowly over time
Through experiences Of my own
You have yet To hear of-
This wall that Holds my heart
And forever reminds me
To be careful with Everything I do or say-
Who I trust.

And I wouldnt want you
To think its you-
Oh no absolutely not

But Ive learned over time
some people you cannot trust
And that Guys, Girls, boys and Ladies
Are only there to hurt you
With only one goal in their mind
Ive learned that The one you care about most
Will always leave you;
Betray you
Hurt you
Laugh at you
And then
Walk a way

So Im trying hard To take down the wall
But when I say Im fine
When I snap at you
For trying to Decipher my
Incoherent thoughts
When Im too quiet For myself;
Know its not you
Know I love you
Know how badly
I want to get it out of me
Know how badly
I want to trust you
And know
I never want To stop trying

But also know Its hard for me
To build trust With someone
Know and realize You have the 
Poetential to Shatter my heart
In a thousand pieces
In less Than a sentence;
I have to be careful.

But also know How much
I absolutely 
Love you. 

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